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Plastic containers play a significant role in our lives. The containers that should be in the kitchen of each Iranian house are food preserves. This service includes 16 container
holders that can be of great help to you in different sizes. Using them, you can store the food remaining in the refrigerator or freezer or use them to take their food to the workplace. To store vegetables, fruits, legumes and other food you can choose this service and no longer use plastic bags. All containers of this model are made of plastic and have a pillow that fits well on the container. The door dishes are fastened firmly on them and prevent the air from entering the dish. In general, this product with excellent build quality and light weight is the perfect mix for any Iranian kitchen.

7.5 Liter x 1 Pcs
1.6 Liter x 1 Pcs
1.1 Liter x 2 Pcs
350 ML X 2 Pcs
180 ML x 2 Pcs


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